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Some Quick Certifications That Can Pay You Well in 2019

One major reason why you wake up in the morning, dress up and go to work is because you want to make money and live a better life. Nobody works for the fun of it. Even if you want to claim that you do what you do because you are passionate about it, would you be willing to do it for free? Of course not! So, remuneration is one of the integral parts for any job role. If you are in the field of IT, there are various job opportunities that are available and numerous job titles that you can take up. However, not all roles are for everybody. For some of them, you don’t really need to have much experience or education to take them up. You need sometimes to be able to demonstrate the skills, experience, and knowledge required for the job before you can be employed for such a position. If you really want to have a better career in the IT or any industry for that matter, you need some sort of validation to certify your experience, skills, and knowledge. Remember, you are not the only one looking for the job; there are hundreds of other qualified professionals who desire the job you are aiming at. What is able to distinguish you from many others? Yes, you are very correct: it is your certification. The IT certificates have a way of creating a path for a professional in the marketplace. A credential can distinguish your resume from the rest and land you a desired job. In other words, if you really want to attain your career goal and get to the peak of your career, you need to constantly upgrade your skills and knowledge therefore you must have a certification to validate them.

There are various certification paths that you can consider in the field of IT. Some are vendor neutral and some are product specific. Depending on your career path and goals, you should be able to choose such a path that fits perfectly to your goal in career. With a good certificate, you can enhance your opportunities of getting better paid job, which in turn will transform your standard of living. No doubt, there are so many bills to pay, and you need money to do that. With a high-paid job, you have fewer things to worry about. Different credentials come with different completion duration. There are some that take a couple of days to achieve, and there are some that take a couple of months. There are also the certifications that take a year or two where you have to attend classes weeknights and weekends offline or online. Depending on the time you have to attain a certificate, you can choose the duration that pleases you. However, if you are considering getting a quick certification to get a well-paid job, then you should read this article to the end. Here, we look at some top credentials that you can earn within a couple of days and present to your potential employer for a lucrative job.

Salesforce certifications

The Salesforce credentials can be a quick and lucrative way to land you your dream job. Salesforce is a top company that offers certificates that many organizations look out for when searching for new employees. With the Salesforce certificate, you can get a job in any organization where CRM skills are very much in demand. Project administrators, marketing and sales professionals, solution developers, programming engineer, designers can take one of the Salesforce certifications and it will be an ideal choice for them. Now, you don’t necessarily have to work full time with this certificate. You can also take up a job as a freelancer or a Salesforce consultant. This gives you an opportunity to have multiple streams of income and enhance your earning power. According to a report, about 70% of certified Salesforce consultants go into full time employment after earning their certification while about 10% administer Salesforce market via full time independent consultancy.

CBAP certification

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) is another quick certification you can consider to get a well-paid job. CBAP is one of the recognized and respected credentials offered by the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis). The certificate is designed for the individuals who have attained a minimum of 7,500 hours of work experience in a business analysis profile in the last ten years. People who are qualified for this certification are conferred with the title of Certified Business Analysis Professional. Before you can be awarded this certificate, you need to have a minimum of five-year work experience as a business analyst. You must have also taken a considerable active role in the business analysis activities that you have taken part in. You should also have a high school education before you apply for the credential.

Website designing certification

Looking at the huge number of websites on the Internet today and the high numbers that are being hosted on a daily basis, getting a high-paid job in web designing is definitely not going to be a big deal. Earning a certification in website designing will enhance your opportunities to get such jobs. For many of these credentials, you are required to go through a training course where you will be taken through the fundamentals of website development. The course usually covers a wide range of topics that you need to understand in order to create a website. You will learn all about coding a site, planning designs, media types, and so on. Depending on the organization you work with, you can earn an average of $55,000 per annum as a web designer. One important benefit of being a certified web designer is that you can work independently as a freelancer and also keep a normal full time work. It enhances your earning power and opens you up to multiple streams of income. Developing websites using CSS, JavaScript, and HTML is a competence that is in high demand in the job market today, and your ability to learn a web advancement program will put you in an advantageous position to get a job. With a web designing certification, you can also become an entrepreneur. You can start your web designing business with little capital and grow your business steadily over a short period of time.

SQL Server certification

One of the top SQL Server certifications you might want to consider is the Microsoft SQL Server credential. According to a report, an average database administrator earns about $95,000 but with the above-mentioned certificate, there can be an additional 10% upgrade to the employee’s salary on a yearly basis. What this means is that the professional with the Microsoft credential can earn $108,500 on the average per annum. If you really want to grow your career in the field of database, pursuing a certification is the best way to attain your goals faster. Senior professionals working in a database organization and those who has the Microsoft SQL Server credential can earn above $200,000 per annum. It is obvious that there is a wide gap between a certified professional and an uncertified person. Therefore, if you really want to attain your career goal at a faster rate, earning this certification is a great way to go for it.

Hadoop certification

The Information Technology specialists are earnestly pursuing the Hadoop or Big Data credentials. No doubt, Big Data is becoming an important thing in the industry, and it is garnering more attention from organizations across the world. It is regarded as the absolute verticals of enterprises, such as media, retail, utilities, essentialness, pharmaceuticals, and many others looking to explore the latest insights in the field of IT. The Big Data training and certifications have become the hottest trends in the marketplace today. Those organizations that are implementing Hadoop require the professionals who are fit for handling the petabytes of information owned by the organization. With the Hadoop certificate, you will demonstrate to your employer that you have the capacity to handle the above-mentioned product. This puts you in a valuable position in your organization.


The professionals in the field of IT grow their career at their own pace. If you really want to go far at a fast pace, you need to consider some of the mentioned certifications. Apart from career satisfaction, you also need to pay your bills and be on top of your responsibilities. The IT credentials can offer you all these benefits. Do not just sit at your desk and waste years at the same job role. Take up the challenge and pursue the certificates. As long as you are demonstrating to your employer that you are passionate about learning and you are willing to develop yourself, you can expect to grow at an exponential rate in your career. There are numerous certifications offered through renowned providers in the field of IT. The ones highlighted above will get you started on a good note and increase your earning potentials.