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Some Useful Tips to Land a Software Development Job in Two Ticks

Trying to get a job comes with a lot of hassles. Where should you apply? What opportunities are available in the field? What job holds the best potentials in terms of salaries and career advancement? What skills do you need to develop to land your dream job? These are some of the questions you have to deal with when looking for a job.

On the other side of the coin is a recruiter who is looking for a perfect candidate to fill a specific position. One thing you must bear in mind whenever you are applying for a job is that you are not the only one in need of it. Hundreds of other applicants are vying for the same positions you want. This means you have to make your resume stand out from the crowd. It may interest you to know that the recruiters spend an average of six seconds perusing a CV. This means that your resume must be able to catch their attention within this period.

How can you make your CV catch the attention of recruiters in seconds? The HRs have specific keywords they look out to see if an individual has the requirements for a particular job position. The candidates looking to take up technical job roles must give cognizance to this as there are certain skills, technologies knowledge, and IT certifications that the hiring managers will be looking out for in your CV. Your ability to display these skills in your resume will set you apart other applicants and increase your chance of being interviewed.

Useful Tips to Get a Software Development Job

In case you are looking to take up the job role of a software developer, the tips provided in this blog post will maximize your chances of passing a CV test, moving on to the next stage of the hiring process, and ultimately getting hired. Please explore the following lifehacks:

Recognize the platforms and skills that are in demand

According to the survey, over 70% of organizations are looking to hire the software developers who have knowledge of JavaScript. About 57% of companies require these professionals with SQL skills while 48% require skills in Java. HTML/CSS and .NET/C# are other skills that the organizations are looking out for in their potential candidates to fill up the job position of a software developer. What does this mean for you as a software developer looking for a lucrative job? The implication of this is that if you want to grow your career as such a specialist, you should give serious thoughts to developing your skills in these areas. In case you currently have one of these skills, you might want to explore other areas, especially JavaScript.

Highlight your complementary skills in your resume and LinkedIn profile

Having excellent technical skills is not enough. The recruiters must first see the skills. It is crucial that you highlight your technical skills in such a way that the HRs can easily see them when looking for the right candidates. You shouldn’t muddle up your skill set in the form of prose. List them out in your resume and your LinkedIn profile. It is important to mention that the recruiters usually check for keywords when sourcing for the applicants through LinkedIn. This means if you want to be found by the HRs, you must list your skills in your profile. The individuals usually worry about being too detailed about their expertise. Well, to avoid this stress, you should check out the standard in the industry. You might take a look at the profile of some professionals in your industry who are doing well. Compare a couple of them and you are sure to arrive at the best way to list your skills.

Sharpen your database skills

In terms of technical skills required from a software developer, JavaScript takes the number one on the technology list. In addition to this, HTML and CSS are close on its tail. SQL is also a very critical skill that the candidates should consider developing. This means you need to sharpen your database skills to position yourself to be seen and for better prospects in the IT field. Irrespective of your career level, when you are applying for a developer role for front-end, back-end, or even full stack, your database skills will be evaluated. This means you are better off developing the skills, irrespective of the position you are striving for.

Make a good first is important

The first impression is very critical in any situation. It is natural, our first impression of people matters a lot to how we accept or relate with them. For instance, if your first impression of someone is a confident and calm person, there is a high chance that you will perceive him or her as brilliant, hardworking, and diligent. This perception is not going to change until he or she proves otherwise in your interaction with them. Now, take the same scenario to the recruitment process. The first impression that a recruiter has about you will go a long way to influence your chance at a job. Being enthusiastic and likeable while having a conversation with the HR on the phone naturally gives the impression that you will be easy to work with. This creates a good first impression to get your foot in the door. Really, it is only when you have a foot in the door that you will have the opportunity to display your technical skills. Therefore, always strive to create a great first impression when you come in contact with the hiring managers.

Final Thoughts

Over and beyond your technical skill set, you should be able to display your soft abilities. Brilliant verbal and written communication skills alongside the ability to work in a team are some of the soft skills that the recruiters are also looking for in the candidates. The HRs want to get those individuals who will function optimally at their job role and also be able to handle pressure as well as resolve conflicts with team members. Having these soft skills will definitely stand you out and give you an edge in the recruitment process. So, hone all the required skills and change your life.