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Top 10.: What Free Cloud Storage Services Can You Use in 2019?

The IT industry is experiencing a paradigm shift with the evolution of Cloud computing. This revolution has ultimately changed everything that an IT resource is all about for the businesses. No doubt, Cloud storage has become an integral part of both small and large enterprises. In today’s world, there is a shift from the focus on hardware to more cost-effective and sometimes free Cloud storage.

If your business doesn’t use the Cloud storage service yet, this blog post is designed to help you understand what it is all about and how it can make a significant impact on your business. Before we look at top free Cloud storage platforms, let’s have a general overview of Cloud storage.

Brief Overview of Cloud Storage

Hard drives, flash drives, and other storage devices are the traditional means of storing data. These devices definitely have many advantages. However, the major downside to using these tools as a mean of data storage is the problem of breaking a device. When any of them gets corrupted, all data stored in it is lost. With Cloud storage, the enterprises don’t have to worry about damaged files. You can store your data in Cloud and access it from anywhere. If you are skeptical about investing resources into Cloud storage, you can start with the free options to understand the importance and immense benefits that come with it. In this blog post, we look at the best ten free Cloud storage services that you can explore.

Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services

There are many free options of Cloud storage services that the businesses can explore. You only need to have the basic knowledge of their usage and opt for the platform that best meets your needs.

 1. Google Drive

Google Drive has some unique features that make it stand out from other Cloud storages. This platform allows the users to store their data in a personal way. It offers 15GB of free storage space and it is no doubt one of the best options. It also features Google Drive offline services, which allow the individuals to view their photos and files that have been saved online even without a good network connection.

2. Mega

The features of Mega are very similar to Dropbox. The major difference between these two services is free space available at each platform. Mega offers 50GB of free space and the users can download multiple files simultaneously in a .zip format as well as upload them via a mobile app.

3. Dropbox

This website is one of the most powerful Cloud storage platforms out there, especially thanks to its amazing backup features. You can safely back up small and large files and sync your documents and files from any device to Dropbox. The platform offers 2GB of free space but you can upgrade it to 2TB or even 3TB. Dropbox offers various features that help protect files saved on the site.

4. MediaFire

This platform is one of the top free Cloud sources designed for documents and photo storage online. You get 10GB of free space that can be upgraded to 50GB. The platform is easy to use and it has many outstanding features. MediaFire allows the users to upload multiple files simultaneously from any browser. You can also organize your files in a Media Fire file manager and search for documents seamlessly. You can send documents with a free and specialized link that allows the recipients to share them with others.


This platform offers 5GB of free storage space. It’s pretty easy to back up files on the platform. One of the most outstanding features is the ability to restore deleted files. This means you don’t have to fret about mistakenly deleting documents and losing important stuff as you can easily retrieve your documents. If you want more space on, all you have to do is tell a friend about the platform and when they sign up, you get additional free storage space. Another feature is Sync Vault, which enables the users to save important documents and files in a unique storage space, different from the standard Sync folder.

6. OneDrive

Owned by Microsoft, OneDrive allows the individuals to keep their files and documents within reach. By simply signing into your Microsoft account, you can access all documents saved to OneDrive. The platform has been offered 15GB of free space to its users before but this size has been reduced to 5GB. This Cloud storage service can be accessed through any device but it has been pre-installed in Windows devices. OneDrive is considered the second most preferred storage among the professionals and businessmen.

7. pCloud

This is another top Cloud storage platform offering 2TB of storage space with unlimited remote upload traffic. The platform offers a free storage space of 10GB, which can be upgraded. One of its unique features is resizing options for pictures. You can resize your photos on the go without any kind of software. You can also archive your files on the platform by simply creating an archive folder.

8. Next Cloud

This is another top free Cloud storage platform that helps to protect data. It offers many features that make the platform a great place to save. It also has great backup features that help the users maintain track of their data even with the loss of their device. Next Cloud features a two-factor authentication that offers additional protection to the users.

9. Amazon Drive

The users can save files and photos securely on Amazon Drive. This Cloud storage helps to maintain excellent workflow with many features that make files handling very seamless. It offers 5GB of free storage space after the sign-up step and you can easily share your documents, videos, and photos with others. If you have any issues using Cloud storage, you can access the 24/7 customer support service on the site.

10. iCloud

If you are an Apple user, iCloud will be the best option of free Cloud storage for you. You can safely and easily save your documents on the platform as well as share videos and photos from your storage space with your friends and family. It offers its users 5GB of free space that can be upgraded to a larger storage plan.


There are even more Cloud storage services that you can use but you should remember one thing. When choosing a free Cloud storage platform, it is important to check the storage plans in addition to the free GB available on the site and other features that can be accessed on the website. As for the list above, these services offer some of the best features in the market.