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Top 5 Must-Have Security Skills Every Cloud App Developer Should Gain

With the introduction of Cloud-based technology, building efficient and powerful applications has become easier. Nevertheless, securing an app isn’t straightforward for the majority of developers. In this blog post, we’ll share five essential skills that the specialists will find helpful if they intend to create secure applications.

1. Management and Authentication of Cloud Identity

Cloud infrastructure doesn’t have leading security issues. The authentication process may be a weak point in case you don’t understand how to manage the app. The problems that may arise from authentication include weak passwords and some blunders on security permission configuration. The majority of Cloud data breaches are led by verification-related issues. So, it’s appropriate for every developer to understand security of the Cloud system and other risks that may be involved. You can also get ready to be familiar with IAM (Identity Access Management) for Cloud since it will be helpful.

2. Management of Information Security

Another crucial skill is understanding how to manage information security. This will allow you to avert cybersecurity threats. If you possess an IT credential in any area of information security management, people will depend on your skills for reliable cybersecurity support. Moreover, the relevant skills that are covered in the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification that touches the areas such as encryption and Cloud architecture are vital. These professionals give the business owners the confidence that by doing their work they are able to achieve security goals.

3. Configuration of Database

The majority of leading databases such as MongoDB are insecure by default. To utilize them, there are some settings needed to make them safe. In most cases, the unaware and inexperienced developers continue using them without making the required configuration. Due to this, sensitive details are open to every person who accesses the Internet. This has led to some of the leading data thefts in history. Knowing the default settings of any database and how to protect it for effective use is essential. Various skills such as NoSQL and SQL are valuable for configuring the database.

4. Fundamental System Administration Skills

You may understand how to develop a Cloud app but lack the required skills for system administration. It has been noted that many software programmers tend to have a clue on system administration. Therefore, the load of responsibility is on those engineers who are required to manage Cloud servers to familiarize themselves with the latest OS. They also need to try and get skills in system administration.

5. Comprehensive Knowledge of OWASP Top-10

Each year, the Open Web Application Security Project produces a summary of vicious security threats on the Internet. Usually, these come with injection attacks, insufficient logging, and security misconfiguration. As a software developer, you need to know every risk, how it works, and how to develop an app that’s resistant to these threats.

Areas of Expertise for Cloud Developers

The Cloud computing sector is growing at a fast rate. According to the Cloud service revenue forecast by Gartner, the income of international public Cloud services is predicted to hit around $411 billion by this year. The best news is that the growth of this realm attracts the diversification and increased employment opportunities. However, what is the role of Cloud app developers? What kind of knowledge do they need to succeed?

There are many Cloud platforms on the market such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. As a Cloud expert, you need to know them. You also should know how to employ the advantages of each platform for your business’s Cloud computing strategies. Here are some of the Cloud developer roles that are in high demand today and what you should know to succeed in these positions.

Cloud Architect

This is one of the strategically oriented Cloud developer roles. The Cloud architects are responsible for supervising the whole Cloud computing methodology. This includes planning, designing, organizing, and implementing structuring Cloud delivery models. For this role, it is important to know a multi-Cloud environment. In most cases, these specialists may conclude that utilizing only Cloud services may not be the best solution.

Another essential part of this job role includes knowing the cost structure. This means that you need to have the ability to determine, predict, and report the impact of organization costs back to the management team.

Cloud Consultant

This is a Cloud expert who knows all the technical areas of the Cloud platform. The professional has profound knowledge of the Cloud market and perfect communication skills. Thus, these specialists are employed by various organizations to perform technical evaluations and studies of various Cloud platforms. They help the business owners choose the ideal Cloud-based solution that meets their needs.

Cloud Engineer

The responsibilities of any Cloud engineer include the implementation and management of Cloud service delivery models, such as SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Conventionally, this role involved designing and linking networks for several units across various locations of the company. Here’s what the new role entails:

  • Defining a network bandwidth;
  • Determining how to connect the provider’s external data center to the organization’s network;
  • Establishing a disaster recovery strategy that compensates for the failure of the Cloud service provider;
  • Determining the percentage of uptime, how fast it should be, and whether the provider utilizes a monthly or yearly uptime guarantee.

Cloud Software Developer

This role is to design and develop secure applications, products, and services. This will include all aspects from front-end, full-stack back-end, data, web application to data integration and Cloud app deployment. These are the same roles as a convectional software developer but with a different focus. The aspects that are part of the Cloud developer roles include the definition of:

  • How to efficiently use APIs;
  • The best language for the developers to use;
  • How to configure various components of the development procedure.


Currently, many companies are looking for the software engineers to develop secure Cloud applications. But there is the lack of the professionals in Cloud security who are responsible for increasing security threats. For these reasons, there are many opportunities for the individuals with the necessary skills in Cloud software development.