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How to Survive or Adapt to The Fast-Changing Digital World? Can Dell EMC Provide an Answer to This Question?


Dell is known to be one of the leading computer companies when it offers unique and effective opportunities to train IT professionals of different levels and directions by obtaining official certification. But given the global changes in the IT sphere under the influence of the pandemic and the inevitable transition of companies to virtualization, automation, cloud technologies, and remote mode of operation, many vendors and certification bodies offer increasingly relevant and even trending ways for industrial accreditation. So what can surprise Dell EMC candidates in the near future?

Overview Of The Dell EMC Qualification Program

Given Dell EMC’s extensive product portfolio, professionals can take advantage of the detailed Dell Technologies Proven Professional certification program, which includes a number of tracks in various technology areas including cloud technology, data protection, storage, servers, and security, among others. In other words, all key IT sectors are covered in this accreditation program with the latest industry trends and requirements. That’s why about 73% of Dell EMC certified specialists say their training and related certifications have made them more productive and in-demand in the labor market. At the same time, more than 85% of recruiters place a higher value on this IT qualification and consider it when selecting candidates.

Since the Dell Certification program includes several levels, which are associate, specialist, and expert, each candidate can choose an appropriate certification in accordance with one’s skill set. It also means that you can advance your career by upgrading your skills and adding value as a professional in the chosen field.

What’s more, Dell EMC makes it easy to choose a particular certification path by sorting its program into key IT roles:

  • Technology Architect, who performs consulting and pre-sales functions and is responsible for the planning, design, and analysis of data protection and storage infrastructure solutions.
  • Systems Administrator, who is responsible for managing, integrating, and configuring storage, servers, data protection, and networking, and converged infrastructure solutions.
  • Security Specialist, one who leverages various components of the NIST infrastructure to implement effective cybersecurity practices in the data center.
  • Platform Engineer, who performs field service and troubleshoots, installs, and maintains Dell Technologies storage platforms.
  • Implementation Engineer is the one who deploys, integrates, configures, and manages data protection, storage, network solutions, servers, and various converged infrastructure solutions.
  • Data Scientist, the one who processes, studies, interprets, analyzes, and visualizes data through various data engineering and analysis tools to achieve business objectives.
  • Cloud Architect, who specializes in cloud infrastructure and performs tasks related to the planning, design, and analysis of cloud solutions and services.

The Latest News About The Dell EMC Training And Certification Program

Since the products and services offered by Dell EMC are subject to constant updates, the corresponding certifications cannot remain unchanged. Therefore, in order to keep up with the latest changes in the technologies covered, the qualification program is constantly evolving. This includes not only changes in content but also the retirement of irrelevant certifications and the launch of new tracks.

Thus, it is recommended that all candidates monitor the latest announcements about changes in the bottom program before scheduling a particular exam. For example, the following tests have been recently released:

  • DEE-1111 Expert – PowerMax and VMAX All Flash to demonstrate proficiency in VMAX All Flash and PowerMax array performance analysis leading to the appropriate Solutions Exam Expert – PowerMax and VMAX All Flash Solutions certification.
  • DEA-3TT2 Data Protection and Management Version 2 exam to gain the relevant entry-level qualification and demonstrate a confident understanding of various data availability and protection solutions wherever they reside, data center, cloud, or edge devices.
  • DES-6322 Specialist – Implementation Engineer, VxRail exam is an excellent way to demonstrate your ability to support implementation activities as well as sufficient knowledge of implementation services and the extended VxRail environment.
  • E20-920 Cloud Services Expert Exam for Cloud Architects replaced the E20-920 test for the Expert – Cloud Architect, Cloud Services Version 2.0 designation, and tests the candidate’s ability and knowledge regarding the planning and design of cloud services in an ITaaS environment.

In addition, to keep professionals stay relevant in the constantly developing IT world, the developers of the Dell Technologies Proven Professional accreditation program frequently make changes to the content of the exams. Such changes have recently affected:

  • DES-6332 Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Appliance exam which now covers the newly available NVIDIA AI Enterprise software suite
  • DES-4421 Specialist – Implementation Engineer PowerEdge MX Modular exam which now also covers the updated Dell EMC PowerEdge portfolio including 17 new servers.


  • DES-6332 Specialist – Systems Administrator, VxRail Exam
  • DES-4331 DCS-SA OpenManage Enterprise
  • DES-3128 DCS-IE NetWorker

What Does This Have To Do With And What Does It Affect?

Not surprisingly, many are wondering what affects changes to the certification program, other than Dell EMC product upgrades and key technologies. The reason is that the growth of remote working and the relentless impact of pandemics will only accelerate the demands of modern business and operations in 2021-2022. Because of this, Dell EMC has defined that before the end of this decade certain technical areas will be key to a company’s workforce and productivity. These could include:

  • Remote Work – including the digitalization of customer service, virtual work situations, virtual workplace support platforms, and various self-service tools.
  • Artificial Intelligence as a partnership between machine and human – including maximizing automation of work operations, improving the quality of customer service, and creating appropriate workspaces.

Therefore, to prepare yourself and your organization for more global changes, you need to think seriously about your professional development, because the chance of remaining unclaimed and unfamiliar with the ever-changing technology is very high. Familiarize yourself, analyze and decide what’s important to you now and in the coming years. Maybe the Dell EMC certification program is like what you’re looking for.