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All EMC E20-807 certification exam dumps, study guide, training courses are Prepared by industry experts. PrepAway's ETE files povide the E20-807 VMAX3 Solutions Expert Exam practice test questions and answers & exam dumps, study guide and training courses help you study and pass hassle-free!

The Dell EMC E20-807 Expert - VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions exam assesses a professional’s capabilities in performance analysis of VMAX All Flash & VMAX3 storage arrays, as well as articulating its Security concepts. It also looks into the configuration change management, along with SRDF, TimeFinder SnapVX, and NDM Migration through Unisphere and SYMCLI for VMAX.

Thus, any professionals including technology architects, implementation engineers, storage administrators who handle the performance of VMAX All Flash, as well as VMAX3 architectures, can take this E20-807 qualifying exam and gain the relevant Expert – VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions 2.0 certification.

Requirements for the Exam

As announced, E20-807 exam is the last step needed for candidates to acquire the expert-level certification. So, it is desirable that the candidate has at least one-year’ experience working with VMAX3 and VMAX All Flash architectures as well as skills at the expert level in the management of the hardware and software. Thus, on the final test they should demonstrate an understanding of the basic storage technologies, management, concepts in security, and SRDF. An additional advantage for candidates would be if they can handle administrative duties in the supported HYPERMAX operation structures.

However, the candidate also needs to have earned either version 1.0, 2.0, or 3.0 of the Associate –Information Storage & Management certification. One should also have one of the following Specialist-level certificates:

  • Implementation Engineer, PowerMax & VMAX Family Solutions Version1.0;
  • Implementation Engineer, VMAX3 Solutions Version 1.0;
  • Implementation Engineer, VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions Version 2.0;
  • Systems Administrator, VMAX3 Solutions Version 1.0;
  • Systems Administrator VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions Version 2.0;
  • Technology Architect VMAX3 Solutions Version 1.0.

E20-807 Exam Details

The E20-807 exam is a 1.5-hour session with 60 questions to be answered. In order to pass this online proctored test, candidates must score more than 60%. Keep in mind that the registration fee is $230.

Regarding topics tested, this Dell EMC exam focuses on checking the candidates on their understanding of VMAX3 concepts of security & VMAX All Flash solutions and how they can be used. Everyone is also examined on how s/he can use FAST.X for external arrays incorporating. The E20-807 test also covers the application of SRDF in three-site isolated replication as well as Metro solutions in addition to Non-Disruptive Migrations (NDM) to VMAX3 arrays and VMAX All Flash infrastructures. So, the products in consideration include VMAX All Flash & VMAX3 with HYPERMAX OS 5977 Q3, FAST.X, SRDF, Solutions Enabler 8.3, and much more.

Study Courses for the Exam

Dell Technologies offers learning programs for the E20-807 exam which a candidate can use to prepare. Moreover, these training procedures are carefully crafted that test-takers can acquire knowledge and skillset related to the final exam objectives.

The first training package includes the following eLearning courses that concern the essential VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 concepts and solutions.

  • VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Security Concepts. In this course the test-takers for E20-807 exam will learn how they can use the VMAX to deal with data breach possibilities, and how they can encrypt data with Data at Rest Encryption. The course syllabus will also cover planning, implementing as well as management of user authentication for Solutions Enabler as well as VMAX Unisphere. It also equips you with the knowledge of how to plan, manage, and implement access controls that are host-based for VMAX. As a result, each candidate learns how to secure organizational information through encryption, alongside how the VMAX technology can be applied.
  • VMAX All Flash &VMAX3 Multi-site SRDF Solutions. According to this course content, candidates will be introduced to an overview of the SRDF solutions including Cascaded SRDF, Concurrent SRDF, along with SRDF/Star in Open Systems. Furthermore, this training involves the SRDF/Star technologies in both cascaded and concurrent modes. Thus, after this course, candidates will be able to use SRDF/Star operations in both fault and normal conditions.
  • VMAX All Flash &VMAX3 FAST.X Solutions course availed for the Dell EMC E20-807 test touches on FAST.X Solutions, highlighting what it is in addition to its benefits for the user. It also covers connectivity and requirements issues, configuration and management of eDisks, as well as the considerations made for every unique case.
  • VMAX All Flash &VMAX3 SRDF Metro Solutions training introduces candidates to the analyzing method for the performance of VMAX3 storage arrays and VMAX All Flash. Moreover, every student will gain knowledge of the analysis procedure for all components in the arrays, So, students will be able to provide recommendations concerning problem remedying and identify bottlenecks.
  • VMAX All Flash & VMAX3 Non-disruptive Migrations training covers the NDM technology in detail. So, the candidate learns how to describe the data migration from VMAX to a VMAX3 Array or VMAX All Flash Array. One also learns how to carry out NDM with the use of SYMCLI or Unisphere aimed at VMAX.

After that, the official vendor offers you to pay attention to VMAX All Flash &VMAX3 Performance Workshop course that you can take in any of 3 ways as a tutor-led course, an Online ILT (instructor-led training), or a Video ILT.

Under the topic of performance, the course will also help the students understand best practices for configuration to get the optimal performance from the TimeFinder SnapVX and SRDF. Moreover, this training focuses on understanding the different methods of performance analysis, workload type characterizations alongside administration tasks that are linked to performance, and observing the VMAX All Flash as well as the VMAX3 infrastructures to report their performance. As a result, the candidate will study how to use metrics to measure performance, and how performance-related issues can be resolved.


Now that you are aware of the Dell EMC E20-807 exam procedure and content, you understand that only a true expert can become an Expert – VMAX All Flash and VMAX3 Solutions 2.0 certified.

However, nothing is impossible. A complete list of test topics and the most up-to-date courses developed by an official vendor are available to you. All you have to do is decide and start learning. Either way, it will broaden your horizons, open up new opportunities and help you stand out in your professional field.

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